Steven Mattern

Steven Mattern is a full service Financial Advisor under Sentinel Financial Solutions, who has full access to many investment, insurance, and annuity companies throughout the U.S. Steve is currently licensed in PA, OH, NY, IN & CA, adding additional states all the time. Steve will build a plan for you based on your concerns, your needs and your long-term goals.

“I love meeting my clients face to face. However, technology has made meetings more convenient for many businesses and individual clients. I will meet in any manner that is convenient for my clients. I offer a wide range of financial products and services, including life insurance, annuities, and investments. As an affiliated financial advisor, I work with you to choose the right products and services that will help reduce your fears and provide confidence that you are well positioned for what matters most to you.”

Steve has the ability to help coordinate all of your assets which helps to reduce pitfalls that occur when not having all the information in one place. This does not mean you are buying anything new. Steve often coordinates with other professionals to help ensure you get the services you deserve and make you aware of what may be an issue down the road. 

Steve works with for profit businesses and non-profit organizations as well. Steve also works in conjunction with National Life Group who is the #1 issuer of Fixed Indexed Annuities in Employer Plans* nationwide. Steve helps businesses with setting up benefit packages for their employees, whether 401(k) 403(b), 457, simple, or SEP,  helping employee retention.

“I never turn down a client because of their account size, age or status.”

Steve and his wife of 21 years Genene are the proud parents of two amazing children, Lauren and Christian.

In his spare time Steve likes to hike, camp and travel


*LIMRA US Individual Annuity Industry Sales Report, 4Q2022